Abrites Diagnostics for VAG Vehicles Version 41.5

Abrites Diagnostics for VAG Vehicles Version 41.5

The new version of the ABRITES Diagnostics for VAG vehicles we are introducing a brand-new functionality:
•    VAG Immo III/IV/V authorisation for reflashing

This means that you can now reflash VAG immo III/IV/V modules (ECU/TCU) much more easily and quickly! NO additional licenses required, only AVDI with active AMS!
The new functionality is part of the capabilities of the Basic AVDI software.

It is especially useful when replacing an Engine Control Unit (regardless of Immo generation) with another which has a different Power Class from that of the original.
The procedure used to be longer and more complex, but it is now done in only two steps:
•    ECU/TCU authorization and  reflashing with original software on bench
•    Aaptation (adjust ECU/TCU CS)
AVDI with active AMS is required.

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