Abrites TagKeyTool Version 11.12

Abrites TagKeyTool Version 11.12

In the new version of the ABRITES TagKeyTool, we have added support for the following keys in the Key Cloner, accessible without any license via the TagKeyTool menu:
–    HITAG-AES Toyota keys BA/B9 – using the TA64 ABRITES key
–    DST-AES Toyota keys BA/B9 – using the TA68 ABRITES key

Also, we have added new capabilities in the Key Inspector (KT011) license:

Reading the following data from BMW G-Series keys:
–    VIN (current/initial)
–    Odometer
–    Last drive
–    Fuel
–    Battery voltage
–    Shipping
–    Temperature (coolant/outside)
–    Color code
–    Upholstery code
–    Remote frequency
–    Display key/ no display 

Support for production of SsangYong keys by dump of 29f40 memory, is added, as well, no license needed.
AVDI with active AMS is required.

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