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Barracuda Key Programmer

Scorpio Barracuda Key programmer is a new platform that is intended to complement the Tango programmer in ourpursuit to release solid solutions for locksmiths and users working in the sphere of automotive repairs and vehiclesmaintenance.
The device is the most powerful device on remote & smart key unlocking & recycling in the world
Scorpio Barracuda is a long term project, in this regard like Tango. Now with the bulk of the work forhardware and core of the software is complete we will be able to focus solely on adding new features to both Tango and Barracuda.
Barracuda main functions:

Barracuda unlocks a wide range of used smart keys & remotes
Barracuda has a continuous and free update
Barracuda supports more than 196 remote & smart key
Barracuda doesn’t require tokens
Barracuda software has an easy step to step diagram
Barracuda VAG dashboard calibration & Scorpio Barracuda VAG key programming for VAG MQB system
Barracuda programming all key lost for Toyota H with the help of Tango Key Programmer