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OEM Q2/A3 3Btn Megamos AES 434mhz Keyless-GO 81A837220H

OEM Tucson 3Btn Flip Hitag3 433MHz 2021+ 95430-N9030

OEM Tucson 3Btn Flip Remote 4D606F 433mhz 95430-D3100

OEM 208/308/3008 Picasso Hitag-Aes 433mhz 9830474480

OEM DS3/DS7 3Btn NCF29A1M 433mhz-9840152380 (A3M15)

OEM Scenic 3Btn Pcf7943 433mhz Keyless-GO 285972962R

OEM SPORTAGE 3Btn Flip PCF7939MA 433MHz 95430-P1300

OEM X-trail Qashqai 3Btn Flip Hitag-aes 433mhz H05614CA0A

OEM Clio5/Megane4 NCF29A1M 433mhz – Black/NEW LOGO

OEM Corsa-F Astra-L NCF29A1M 433MHz – 9840153280 (A3M15)

OEM SPORTAGE 3Btn Flip ID60-40bit 433mhz 95430-D9420

OEM RAV4/Yaris Smart 2Btn Hitag-AES 433mhz B3H2K2R

Lonsdor Land/Range Rover Jaguar 2015-2018 Smart Remote PCB

OEM Eco Sport/Ranger 2Btn Hitag Pro 433mhz 5457354

Remote Keys

If you are a locksmith, and looking for the best car remote keys, we at REMKEYS BV, can provide you with original and high-quality Car remotes, for keys and keyless entry systems. Besides the original car remotes, we have our own remotes which are our own manufacture, designed and tested by our highly professional team.

Supported Brands and Models
We provide a wide range of car remotes, Smart remotes, and keyless remotes covering almost all cars brands and models

Guarantee and Support
We can provide you with guaranteed smart remote systems and IMMO tools, and we are proud to announce that we are offering our car remotes competitive and discounted prices rates, accompanied with high-quality after-sales support.